Does the term “away rotation” or “VSAS” raise your blood pressure and induce palpitations? Don’t fret, you are not alone! Applying for away rotations can seem like a stressful task for students going into Emergency Medicine, and it can often be a convoluted process with a lot of new information to sift through. This month, I sit down with Dr. Anna Nelson, the clerkship director for the EM sub internship at OHSU, and Kim Regner, the medical student education coordinator for Emergency Medicine at OHSU, and they help us break down the daunting process of applying for away rotations. We go through common questions that medical students have throughout this process, and how to put your best foot forward in your application and while you’re on your rotation.


A few helpful links to check out:

  • Here you can find a link for the Standardize Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) form.


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Annaleigh Boggess
MS4, Oregon Health and Science University

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