In emergency medicine, heroes can inspire and guide us as we chart our own path in the specialty. In comic book terminology, an origin story gives the back-story which reveals the circumstances under which a character gained their powers and became a superhero.

No EM hero emerged from undergraduate school fully formed as the perfect provider! They were all once new learners just like us. We hope that by learning about the road they traveled and the habits and attitudes that fuel them, we can draw some insight to help us grow into the EM superheroes of the future.

Thus, the EM origin story. For our first EM origin story, we were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Josh Kornegay. In among many other roles, Dr. Kornegay is an attending physician in the Oregon Health and Science University Department of Emergency Medicine and is the faculty advisor for EMIGcast. His dedication to excellence, his approach to continued learning and his leadership have made him a hero to many. We hope that his origin story will be as inspiring and instructive for you as it was for us!

Andy Lichtenheld, MS4 at Oregon Health and Science University

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