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Did you recently find yourself shaken and confused when you learned that 4th year medical students applying to emergency medicine would be required to complete and entirely new additional ERAS application hoop?  And after jumping through that hoop, did you feel uncertain about your performance or how the interview would affect your application?  If so, today’s episode is for you!

Today’s EMIGcast episode is on a topic about which 99% of the 4th year medical students applying to emergency medicine have already become intimately acquainted: the new standardized video interview (SVI).  We hail today from Denver, Colorado, where we picked the brain of Dr. Zach Jarou who is the president-elect of EMRA and also on the committee tasked with designing and implementing the standardized video interview.  Listen up, learn a little bit about the theory behind the SVI, and form an opinion about how worried you should be about your performance this year.  Most importantly, remember to take part in the after-interview survey that you will soon receive regarding your SVI experience.  Whether you love the idea of this new interview, have suggestions for improvement, or hated it with a fiery passion, let your opinions be known!

Stay sane, and best of luck, 4th years, on your ERAS applications!

Larissa Unruh, MS4

Oregon Health and Science University


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