Welcome back to EMIGcast! Thinking about completing a fellowship in a subspecialty of emergency medicine? Well, here’s one you may not have considered – geriatric emergency medicine (GEM). In this episode, we travel to Sacramento, California, to interview Dr. Katren Tyler, MD, of the University of California Davis Medical Center to explore not only what makes GEM unique, but also to learn why emergency medicine enthusiasts of all levels need some GEM specific knowledge to help improve their interactions and outcomes with elderly patients.




-Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Programs – http://www.saem.org/agem/resources/directories/geriatric-emergency-fellowship-directory


-Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines – http://www.saem.org/docs/default-source/saem-documents/education/geri_ed_guidelines_final.pdf?sfvrsn=6


Larissa Unruh, MS3

Oregon Health and Science University

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