It’s January, which means that it’s VSAS season, and third-year medical students preparing for a residency in emergency medicine are getting ready to apply for fourth-year away rotations and sub-internships. In Episode 25 we dive into the choice to rotate at a county medical center for an emergency medicine sub-I and what that choice can contribute to your personal experience and resumé.

This episode is hosted by Patrick Fink and I’m joined by Alex Kaminsky and Nicholas Robbins, fourth-year students at OHSU who recently chose county rotations for their away Sub-I’s. We talk about the student experience at a county center, how county rotations differ from those at an academic center, and how to make a county rotation the best experience possible. Along the way Alex and Nick share the anecdotes and tidbits about what makes county a special place. High patient volumes? Check. Antibiotics from the butcher? Check. Delivering babies? In the parking lot? Check and check.

This is Part One of a two part series on away rotation choices. In Part 2, Nick shares a special county moment, we see a visit from Johnathan Righetti to answer his embarrassingly relevant and unanswered questions about VSAS, SLOEs and community ERs, and we bring in an EMIGcast favorite, Dr Anna Nelson, to give you the inside line on shining during your sub-I. Look out for part two in the coming weeks!

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