As a third year medical student, it often feels like there are these vast distances to cross. The distance between meeting the patient and figuring out what’s wrong. The distance between what you’re able to see on a chest x-ray and what your resident sees. In order to get from one place to another, you often find yourself buried in chart review, discretely searching the internet, looking up medications, or reminding yourself of acid base for the twenty-third time.

In this episode, we’re hoping to cross that chasm together, and maybe even shorten the distance. I will be interviewing an expert, Dr. Rob Hendrickson, an OHSU EM doc, about a case of a 20-year-old coming in with confusion. This case was new to him and I will be picking his brain along the way to better understand how he does things like: build a framework to think about the problem, focus the history and physical exam, decide what tests* to order, and revise a working differential along the way.

***Do not open yet: Here is the EKG referenced in the case***

Mari Nomura, MS3 at Oregon Health and Sciences University

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