Cardiac arrest is quintessential Emergency Medicine. And if you’re tuning in here, it’s probably something your interested in learning about. But the same attributes that make this such a compelling topic can also make a difficult learning environment for students. In this episode we’re out to provide ourselves with a framework to understand the concepts and skills at the heart of managing the patient in cardiac arrest and we’ll also pick up some tools to help us begin our journey toward mastering them.

This is a two-parter and in Part 1 we’re talking with Dr. Josh Kornegay, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at Oregan Health and Science University. Dr. Kornegay has a special interest in both cardiac arrest and education and his expertise and mentorship has not only made this a episode awesome, it’s made EMIGcast possible.

What lessons have you learned in caring for patients in cardiac arrest? Do you have questions or advice for other med students listening to the podcast? Say your piece in the comments!

Thanks for tuning in and come back next month for part 2.

Andy Lichtenheld, MS3 at Oregon Health and Science University

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