Welcome back to another episode of EMIGcast!

This month, host Patrick Fink sits down with Dr Patrick Ockerse, the ultrasound fellowship director at the University of Utah. We start by talking a bit about what drew Dr Ockerse to ultrasound, we cover the indispensable scans that every EM intern needs to know, and we dive into the future of EM ultrasound.

If you missed last month’s episode, make sure to have a listen as Nicholas investigates the role of community paramedics and the great care that they can bring to our patients, and if you haven’t heard our first episode on EM ultrasound, be sure to check that out too!



If you’re interested in a particular part of the podcast, then jump on in to these key points:

  • A key case that reveals the utility of bedside ultrasound. (2:17)
  • What is the role of an ultrasound fellowship in a world where we all learn ultrasound? (6:38)
  • How can a beginner start to learn ultrasound? And what are the bad habits to avoid building now? (9:09)
  • The five…or seven…scans that every EM intern needs to be able to do. (14:06)
  • Is the FAST exam a diamond algorithm, or can it actually change management? (17:02)
  • The value of up-triaging, or how longboarders can get trauma care faster. (21:47)
  • How can point of care ultrasound interface with the classical physical exam. (24:36)
  • ECHO-guided resuscitation and intra-arrest trans-esophageal echocardiography. (30:46)
  • When TEE led to ROSC instead of RIP. (34:31)



5MinSono – Fast, high-yield reviews of how to perform critical ultrasound studies at the bedside.

Ultrasound of the Week – Learn ultrasound through weekly cases.

The Ultrasound Podcast – The home of cutting edge ultrasound, with some reviews of basic topics.

Intro to Bedside Ultrasound Vol. 1 – A free e-book by the makers of the ultrasound podcast that serves as an excellent introduction to almost every topic in bedside ultrasound that an EM Intern should know.

Castlefest – The most rip-roaring good fun available in Ultrasound Education conferences.

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