This is the first of two episodes that covers pulmonary embolism. In this episode, we present our guest, Dr. Josh Kornegay, with a hemodynamically stable patient that is presenting with some pretty typical symptoms of a pulmonary embolism.


Here are some resources that we talk about that may be helpful for you to take a look at!

– PERC criteria paper:

– Well’s Criteria:

– PERC criteria overview:

PE and ECG findings – 


These are a couple of articles that we are going to discuss next week, if you’re interested in reading ahead.

SSPE importance article from Blood – (pdf version)

-ALIEM discussion on this article and importance of SSPE –


Tune in in the coming weeks to hear our follow up episode. We’ll go over treatment of our stable patient, and discuss the diagnosis and management of a hemodynamically unstable patient with a PE.


Thanks for tuning in!


Annaleigh Boggess, MS4
Oregon Health and Science University

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